Quarterly Market Commentary – June 2021

Zahira Osman2Equity Market Commentary by Zahira Osman
Portfolio Manager

The global pandemic led to major disruptions in economic activity as mobility was severely impeded to halt the spread of the novel coronavirus. Herd immunity, either natural or via widespread vaccination programmes, remains key in sustaining the economic recovery and growth normalisation...

Equity Market Commentary June 2021

Quarterly Money Market Commentary – June 2021

Bongani NgwanyaMoney Market Commentary by Bongani Ngwanya
Portfolio Manager

The Federal Open Market Committee (FOMC) kept the Federal Funds target range unchanged at 0 – 0.25%. Their monthly asset purchases of at least $120bn, comprising of $80bn in US Treasuries and $40bn in mortgage-backed securities, was also left unchanged...

Money Market Commentary June 2021

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