Market Commentary – January 2019

Mila MafanyaIn 2018, equity markets suffered the worst year-on-year performance since the aftermath of the global financial crisis, which began in March 2009. Developed equity markets fell 8.2% in US dollars (‘US$’), recording their worst annual return since 2008, the year they registered a fall of 40.3%. Similarly, emerging markets declined 14.6% in US$ in 2018, closely mirroring the 14.9% correction that manifested in 2015, when emerging markets were shaken by the headwind of a materially strengthening US Dollar (USD) exchange rate...

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Growing in Technology

AfenaCapital LogoAfena Capital understands that knowledge is emPOWERment. With South Africa’s tumultuous history, there was an imbalance of knowledge distribution which, to this day, is still a stumbling block for the current generation. Afena acknowledges that while financial literacy can be daunting and complex, mindsets can be changed through education.

We have recently launched phase 1 of our mobile application (app). The aim of the app is to educate through an easily distributable medium which is accessible, real-time and user-friendly. Phase 1 introduces the online version of our ‘Unpacking Jargon’ publication; a useful tool which provides definitions of financial terminology to a wider audience.

The app is now freely available to download from your Apple iStore or your Google Play Store on your smartphone. We hope that you will find it a useful companion to have on your smart device.